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The small, friendly graphic design company working from a lovely house in Thornton.

Offering agency quality design at freelancer prices. This is because we dont have the overheads of the big graphic design agencies yet we have the experience of working for them. We take on any job ranging from a little party invite to a large corporate brochure or catalogue and as a result we have a wide spectrum of clients from butty shops to retail parks and international leisure centres. Whatever your budget just give Chris a call or drop him an email to discuss your requirements and he will do his best to ensure you get the most bang for your buck!!!
Hello, welcome to our graphic design company, Blackpool.

Karnival Costumes

Brand and Packaging design for international costume manufacturer Karnival Costumes. The brief was to create a modern and classy costume pack that still fit in amongst competitors in the market place.


Middlebrook Easter

This leaflet design was created to inform shoppers of the upcoming events that would be taking place around the Easter Holidays.

Lowry Student Leaflet

This leaflet design was created to appeal to students in and around the Manchester area, the creative needed to be fresh and young yet keep in touch with the original corporate branding identity of the Outlet Mall itself.

Blackpool Road Safety Summer Campaign

Designed for Blackpool Council Road Safety team, this Z-Card was distributed to bring awareness of drink driving at barbecues during the summer months. The campaign promoted non-alcoholic cocktails as a substitute to boozy drinks! A poster also accompanied this design.

BMV Leaflet

4 page DL Leaflet graphic design for Blackpool Model Village. This was to promote the attraction and inform of admission costs and opening hours etc. Also the back panel was to promote the Ice Cream Parlour which can be located next to the Model Village.


LOM Wild West Events

This illustration was created as part of a design brief to market the up coming events at the Lowry Outlet Mall. It was part of a full media package which included posters, leaflets and web flash design work.

Pureety Made at Home

Rebranding, Packaging design and Marketing materials for local food development company Pureety Gourmet Flavours


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